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Topic “Interview with an expert” Topic today: Business on a laser machine

Laser manufacturing is the craft on which you can build a successful business. What can you do without at the initial stage and which products are very popular? Experts of the Professionalarium educational platform tell about these and other aspects of this topic.

Small Laser Machine Production
In what areas of business is small-scale laser manufacturing widely used?

Laser machines are widely used in the manufacture of souvenirs and promotional products, goods for children, in the production of designers and products from plywood, toys, products for decoupage and for craftsmen of “homemade products”. Therefore, companies that work in these areas of business need laser machines!

What is the smallest thing you can create with your own hands using a laser machine?

The laser beam has a thickness of less than a millimeter, but the product will look good about 8-10 mm, for example, letters.

Tell us about the most interesting souvenir that was made on a laser machine by you?

Many souvenirs are interesting, I really like the Owl Lamp. It is made voluminous, looks very beautiful. I also like a children’s gun that shoots with wooden bullets.

What are the advantages of small-scale production on a laser machine compared to other types of machines?

In this production, one person can work and do all the work himself. Parts that are produced on this machine are almost ready for sale, they do not have to be sanded, processed, painted, etc.

The machine takes up little space and does not require a complicated connection and setup process.

What is needed in order to open a business, small-scale production on a laser machine? Which business is the easiest to start and how profitable is it?

Machine (you can choose the size yourself, depending on the products you want to produce) and equipment for its operation,
Ability to work in vector programs, but now freelance services are widely used,
The accumulated customer base,
Website for promoting your products
and hard work!

What types of laser machines are most suitable for your small business? How much do they cost?

The main thing here is to understand what you will do, which products to make. If these are small-sized products, then the optimal size of the working field of the machine is 400×600 mm and the laser tube power is 40 W, the cost of such machines is about 80-120 thousand rubles.

The next option is the size of the working field of the machine 600×900 mm and the power of the laser tube 60 watts. The cost of such machines is about 120-250 thousand rubles.

The size of 900×1200 allows you to perform almost all versions of frequently encountered products, the power of 80 W is also optimal. Such a machine easily copes with plexiglass and plywood with a thickness of 6 mm. The cost of such machines is 250-450 thousand rubles. and more.

How to organize sales of manufactured products: share some secrets?

Sales of finished products can be made through social networks, through the sites of decoupage masters, through advertising agencies and printing houses, participating in exhibitions and fairs. So-called word of mouth or word of mouth works very well.

How long does it take for a beginner to master a laser machine? Is it possible to master yourself by reading the instructions, or is it necessary to take special courses? What courses would you recommend?

Mastering a laser machine will take a little time. In 2-3 weeks you can master simple actions, but you need a master who will show you and tell you the features of working on a laser machine.

According to the instructions, it will be quite difficult to understand how the machine works; take a training course, of course, much better. There you will be taught how to work with the machine and the program that this machine uses, how to maintain the machine, what safety rules must be observed, and much more.

How dangerous is working with such a machine and are there any health restrictions?

It is not dangerous to work with the machine, if you follow the safety rules, use correctly configured and serviceable equipment. Virtually every able-bodied person can work on the machine.

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