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Brand and corporate identity. Where to begin?

The brand implies an association in the head of consumers, symbolizing certain qualities and characteristics of both the product and its manufacturer.
Corporate identity is a mixture of images and the relationship of visual communication, which together determines the style of the company.

How branding begins

Create a brand image
Before creating an image, you must answer the following questions:5 features that distinguish my business from others?
What problem does my business solve?
What is my business target audience?
What distinguishes my business from competitors?

Create a brand voice

What words, colors and images and how do you convey your key characteristics to the consumer?

Brand marketing strategy

Define ways and channels to deliver your brand’s key information to your target audience.

Design and corporate identity

Your company name and slogan in conjunction with the design should reflect the voice of your brand on all channels of communication with the client.

Website and social networks

The site is your representative on the Internet, take care of the convenient use of the site by your customers. You also need to communicate with your target audience and communicate with it in the same language on social networks.

How does creating a corporate identity begin?


We must describe in detail the history of our business, successes and prospects. This will help in finding an image that will help distinguish our company from the general mass.

Strategy and concept

At this stage, you need to find key ideas for the brand image. We start with analytical work: we analyze the portrait of the target audience, competitors, etc. This stage will help to find psychological clues that can be used in advertising companies and graphic design.

Brand Name and Slogan

The most interesting and difficult stage is the search for ideas for the slogan. The slogan should accurately reflect the essence of the business and be easy to remember for consumers.


Logo is the main element of corporate identity. Creating a logo is the most critical step in developing a corporate identity. A professionally executed logo with laconic graphics will be the best advertisement for your company and will be remembered among consumers.

Brand book

Brandbook is the identifier of your company. The brand book should contain a detailed description of your style, logo application options and other graphic elements.

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