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How to organize marketing in a company

At the heart of any successful business is the right marketing organization. Marketing allows you to achieve high results, which are expressed in profit and customer loyalty.

Organization of marketing in the company

Successful business development in a competitive environment, high quality services, product range and availability, established sales channels, workflow optimization and profit – all this relates to marketing.

From the experience of companies of the past decades, it is known that most of the companies that do not have a marketing department conducted their activities successfully, but this does not mean that the company was absent from marketing. The businessman independently adjusted the assortment.

Through marketing, the company is able to develop, to gain market niches, increasing customer satisfaction with its product and the quality of services provided.

6 stages of marketing organization in companies

Enterprise Diagnostics

Information about the company;

Organization perspectives;

Current difficulties in development and work processes;


Analysis of the current market position;

Analysis of the competitive environment;

Analysis of the demand for goods or services;

Forecasting demand.


Creation of a marketing plan;

Implementation of the regulations of the marketing department, where its functions and responsibilities are prescribed.


Implementation of channels providing information to the marketing department;

Formation of a methodological basis for maintaining and improving the sale of goods;

Development of amendments to ensure interactions with other company structures.


An explanation of each item in the marketing implementation plan;

Monitoring the work of the marketing department;

Analysis of the effectiveness of the marketing department;

Evaluation of the marketing system in cooperation with the company;

Approval of regulatory documents that prescribe activities in the company.


Implementation of employee training in the marketing department.

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