SMM inside the company or outsourcing - what to choose?
What is better to choose? Let's take a closer look at all the pros and cons of each side and decide. Cons SMM Outsourcing Outsourcing is always a cold approach.…

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How to register LLC?
Sooner or later, every businessman has a need to legalize the work of his organization. Knowing how to create a LLC, you can start to work the organization legally in…

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Increase Tendering Income
In an era of unstable economies, one sometimes has to be content with casual earnings. But only if it is episodic. Therefore, the majority seeks to get a job in…

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5 online stores that have conquered the Russian market

A selection of five online stores that, thanks to their advantages, have conquered the Russian market.

The most popular online clothing store, it is estimated that “Wildberris” accounts for about 40% of orders!

Free delivery of the things you like;

When ordering things, it is possible to add several sizes at once, if not a single item fits, then you can refuse to buy anything without paying extra;Loyalty system for regular customers.

Shop of furniture and other interior items.
Walking in the online and offline IKEA store is one sheer pleasure. Everything is intuitive and comfortable.


Excellent site usability;

A regularly updated catalog of goods;

Interesting digital activations that help beautifully decorate your interior.


Everything you can wish for can be found on this site. From books, kitchen utensils to gift cards for loved ones.


The site has more than 3 million products !;

Convenient interface;

Product card with a detailed description of the product;

Active comments from users;

Huge selection of delivery of goods and convenient payment.

Yves rocher

The famous website selling organic cosmetics that is not tested on animals.


Nice prices

The ability to undergo skin diagnostics before choosing the cosmetics you are interested in;

Free samplers;

Beautiful mailing list design for users;

The company’s struggle for the ecology of our planet;

Gifts depend on the size of your order.


Legendary youth brand.

In addition to buying the model you like, you can create your own online! The site has a special designer, thanks to which you can choose everything: starting from the color of your shoelaces, ending with your favorite thread color.

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