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What CMS to choose for an online store

In this article we will give recommendations when choosing a CMS and all the real pros and cons of different systems.

There are different opinions on this subject, in particular opinions of businessmen and users differ with the opinion of developers. We will consider all the arguments and try to come to a common opinion.

We determine the specifics of trade
The most important step for those who decide to engage in online trading and create a platform is to determine what activities they will conduct.There are 2 options: a showcase and an online store:
A showcase on the Internet is the work of a site involved in transporting and transporting a product from a supplier to an end user.
Online store – trade in goods through online resources, and the store is often the only place to sell products. The stumbling block of work is the stumbling block: transportation of goods, personnel, warehouse subtleties and the interaction of various kinds of software.
Sooner or later, the showcase grows into an online store. It is hard to say at what point it is worth making this transition. Here, understanding and the ability to quickly respond to the changes necessary for the leadership of the company itself is more important.

Do you understand what is TK (terms of reference)?
Let’s see how important it is to understand the place of TK in the workflow. It is often underestimated.

There are two ways to work with technical specifications:
At the moment, there are specialists who make up the TOR and have their own terms of work and the size of wages, depending on experience and qualifications. In the general case, TORs are compiled within 2-4 weeks and the terms depend on the volume and complexity of the projects. We highly recommend this type of work for online stores!
To do without TK at all, this approach is characteristic of online storefronts due to the specifics of small volumes of trade.
If you have already made a choice and decided to stop.
The primary thing for you is the platform. If your budget does not allow you to hire competent developers and you decide to hire freelancers and beginners, this can lead to the fact that your platform will turn into a viscous swamp. But this can serve as a good experience and lesson.

It is important to understand that there is no better CMS in general. It is worth considering individual selection criteria and finding a more suitable one for your needs.

Not so important is the number of functions in the CMS. You, as a beginner, will use the basic simple functions. And you will be quite enough for you to get started. Learning other functions will take too much time, which you can spend more productively at the initial stage.

A great option would be to rent an online store. Less costs, more help from the “landlord”, who will help you set up the system according to the scheme that is convenient for you and you can calmly understand the effectiveness of work, rather than spend valuable time setting up. Understand what you really don’t grab, and what you need to add to work effectively.

Also a good option would be the choice of basic packages known to many and trusted CMS. You can see the demos by downloading your products. So you will quickly find the platform suitable for you.

Open source engines. Working with them is much more difficult. This will be a good option for people who are code savvy.
What can be said with absolute accuracy, you can not use the following engines: Bitrix, Magento. At this stage, they take on a lot of resources, they are very complicated to set up, expensive and have unnecessarily advanced functionality that you don’t need.

If you have chosen 3-4 suitable CMS for you, you should pay attention to user reviews and find problems there that, due to the commonality of interests with these companies, may arise in you.

Record and weigh all the pros and cons. Calculate the cost for you per month each of them and how peaceful firms and professionals work with him.

The results of our article:
The main thing to try. Sooner or later, maybe in a year or a year and a half, while you are developing, you will find the platform you need that meets your requirements.

What CMS to choose for an online store
In this article we will give recommendations when choosing a CMS and all the real pros and cons of different systems. There are different opinions on this subject, in particular…


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