Room rental - be prudent
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Penza Free Classifieds Board and the Benefits of Its Use
In connection with the general popularization and accessibility of the Internet, the number of people turning to print publications in search of the necessary information is becoming less and less.…

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What is Landing and how to arrange it?

Landing Page is a one page website. That is why they are both convenient and unique. All information on it is placed on one page, which means it should be brief, clear and understandable. Such a page is most often aimed at selling and rarely is simply a source of information about the company. For this reason, it is often called the “customer capture page”.

Like many marketing tools, landing page was invented by American marketers.
Its creation is connected with the huge competition of various sites, the quality of which was equally high and consumers simply did not know what to choose.With its brevity, the landing has captivated consumers of products, the choice has become easier, and purchases more often.

Page Goals
Of course, the main task of the whole business is selling, but the village itself does not always carry the function of selling directly. Most often it is an informative and transit point between the main site or call center.

On it, a potential buyer will be able to leave a request, make a call or go to the online store website for example.

The development of the dance should involve specialists who can develop it well-worn and achieve the main goal – to interest the target audience.
Project Manager – monitors overall development
Marketer – strategy development and analysis of results
Web Designer
Front-end developer – or programmer
SEM Context Specialist

Landing Page Metrics
Such pages have become popular in the business world for a reason. Landings give the following indicators:

The number of visitors is increasing by 20-30%
Conversion of such pages can reach 40-60%!
There are some landing rules.
Only ONE product should be placed on the page
Put a call to action
It’s important to place enticing headlines throughout the page
Simple and accessible text
Competent structure
All forms for filling should be simplified to the minimum!
Create a landing page yourself
You can create a Landing Page yourself, or consult a specialist. The process of its creation is not so complicated, now there are many tools and assistant sites for its creation, and for free!

If it takes you a lot of time, then you should think about the help of specialists, they will not only help in the creation, but most likely in the promotion of the site.

If you order it through specialists about the work, it can be judged by the conversion of the site and customer reviews.
Good luck!

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