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How can a security company win a security tender?

In conditions of maintaining a high criminal environment, the desire of citizens to preserve personal property and real estate, security services have been widely developed. The selection of a bona fide performer of this type of activity at the level of state or municipal services is considered to be a rather complicated process from the legal point of view. To determine the most competitive company today tenders are considered an effective method, requiring strict compliance with Russian law.

Rational methods
One of the most important areas of business development for security companies is participation in public procurement tenders. In case of winning, signing a profitable contract, the company has the opportunity not only to stabilize its financial condition, but also to strengthen its own position among market competitors.

Today, participation in public procurement contests implies full compliance with all customer requirements set forth in the terms of reference of the project. The conditions are binding. In the case of low-quality attitude to the process of compliance with the rules, the potential participant may not receive admission to the trading floor, which will lead to an illiterate expenditure of money and time resources of the organization.

The initial analysis of the terms of reference should include a deep assessment of the financial situation of the company and correlation of the results with the requirements of the customer. Unprincipled performers in pursuit of a profitable contract do not take into account the nuances and volumes of the obligations presented, which leads to:

failure to fulfill the terms of the contract;
the provision of lower quality services;
large economic losses to the state.
It is worth noting: the above factors today determine the general state of the security services market, characterized by the presence of a large number of non-professional agencies.

On the way to success
The most important aspects at the stages of preparation and conduct of tenders are:

timely monitoring of the service market:
competent preparation of an application for participation;
presentation of the required package of securities;
provision of cash security.
If the customer wins under the terms of the contract, a money guarantee may be requested, guaranteeing him the possibility of financial payments subject to the refusal or unfair implementation of the terms of the contract of the winning party.

It should be noted: the term for issuing a bank guarantee in licensed credit institutions begins with three days. For registration and timely receipt of financial insurance, it is considered advisable to prepare mandatory documentation in advance.

Achieving economic success in tenders of security activities becomes possible with proper observance of the mandatory requirements for tendering.

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