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Collective discounts: business is promoted by customers
The sales season continues all the time - something like this can be described as the concept of collective shopping sites. They appeared in early 2009, and today this segment…

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How will outstaffing help business?
With this, a relatively new concept, today only those who are directly related to business, in which a team of personnel workers are involved, are faced. For certain reasons, the…

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How to implement BI analytics
In order to figure out how to implement business intelligence, you need to understand how to work with it in general. BI - a program and application for working with…

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Online education: 9 useful services

There are many platforms with different kinds of online courses and materials for distance learning. We have chosen for you worthy projects in Russian and English. They combine useful content and an intuitive interface.
See And Learn
Educational portal with online courses in 20 directions. Look – this is the marketplace of education.
More detailed:
a wide range of topics of courses – from yoga lessons and design, to training, professional-oriented courses and interesting materials on sports and nutrition;
on the site you can place the lessons for the placement of which the portal is not birch payment;
extensive database of software and documents for training professionals in different fields of activity; Continue reading

How to write good texts: 5 life hacks for copywriter

You probably noticed that some texts customers automatically scroll through, others – read excitedly and hurry to make an order, call, come, get more information about a product or service. How to learn to write texts that really sell?
1. When writing the text, consider not only the requirements of the customer, but also the needs of the target audience. Write clearly, so that the reader does not have to “stumble” contagious kind of obstacles – ranging from small print to long sentences that interfere with the perception of information.
2. Pay special attention to the title and the first paragraph. The title should be succinct, to reflect and to encourage the reading of the text. In the first paragraph, explain why further information will be important to the reader – what “pain” will close that can give him? Continue reading

How to become a real estate agent?

The number of new buildings is growing every year, and mortgage rates are reduced, which makes housing more affordable, and the profession of a realtor in demand and well-paid.

Is it possible to become a realtor on your own and what do you need? Our new article is for those who want to try their hand at selling and renting real estate.

Starting is always difficult, but the benefits of working as a realtor speak for themselves:

Free schedule. You are not tied to the place, even if you work as part of the Agency. Meetings and negotiations with customers you can also appoint at a convenient time. Continue reading

How to open an online store?

Its popularity online stores began to gain since 1994, when entrepreneur Jeffrey Bezos created an online store Amazon. Today, more and more entrepreneurs decide to open their online store, because:

Customers choose convenience, ordering goods in the online store in parallel with other cases

In the online store you can find a wider range of things compared to retail stores, as well as exclusive and rare goods

The shop is operated practically without interruption, payment of goods remotely it is also possible to produce at any time

The price of goods in the online store is often much lower, as it includes less costs for the ownerWhat are online stores? Continue reading

How to register LLC?

Sooner or later, every businessman has a need to legalize the work of his organization. Knowing how to create a LLC, you can start to work the organization legally in the shortest possible time. Now there are enough companies that are engaged in the registration of LLC, but you can learn how to register LLC yourself, so as not to overpay other companies.

The limited Liability company – today the most widespread form of the organization of activity. It is important to understand that an LLC can be created by an individual or a company, in this case, the authorized capital of the LLC is distributed among the founders of the business, who are responsible in proportion to their part of the authorized capital. Continue reading

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How to implement BI analytics
In order to figure out how to implement business intelligence, you need to understand how to work with it in general. BI - a program and application for working with…


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